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Update: Charity Water

About a month ago, we shared about the heart of a young Wichita stay at home mom, who felt the call to do something greater.  Check out her progress, how many people are being impacted, and if you feel led, donate to this awesome cause!

My Charity Water

A Be the NOW story

Cassie Rollman is a stay at home mom of two young kids.  She lives in Wichita, Kansas and is quite busy. Cassie saw a need and made the decision to help in the best way she could.  She made a goal to raise $5000, which will all (100%) go towards building wells around the world for people who don’t have clean water.

Cassie shares her story of how she got involved in Charity Water, what’s she’s doing and how it’s impacting people around the world.

Why did you pick to get involved with Charity Water?

I found out about Charity Water at a conference I went to in October 2010. I have been wanting to find an area to get involved in for a while and this seemed like something I could do. Being a stay at home mom, I don’t have a lot of time to put into something outside of the home, but Charity Water was something that I could do whenever I was out with friends or family. Just spreading the word about the need and asking for support from them was something I could definitely do. I also chose Charity Water because 100% of the proceeds go towards helping others.

How will this impact others (people around the world, in your community, your friends, etc.)

Charity water has and is impacting lives all over the world. They provide fresh, clean water for millions of people in countries all over the world, by going and digging wells in their local villages. By gaining access to clean water, these people no longer have to drink muddy water that is filled with bacteria that often causes life long illnesses or death. They also no longer have to walk miles a day to get water, and have more time to go to school or work. By getting involved in Charity Water, I am helping make a need known to my friends and local community. People often want to give and get involved in helping others but simply don’t know where to start. I am also setting an example to my friends and family on how to love others and give to those in need.

What drives you to help people in need?

I have much to be thankful for in my life. I have my health, a home, food to eat, clean water to drink, and a future full of possibilities. When I see others in need of all these things, I can not ignore them. I feel it would be selfish on my part to look away and ignore them when they are crying out for help.

How would you encourage people who want to get involved with something to help others, but aren’t sure how?

I would tell others who want to get involved to start by figuring out how much time they have to give. If they have a lot of time, maybe look into getting involved in a soup kitchen or any other local charities they can volunteer at. If they are like me however, and have a lot less free time, I would encourage them to find a charity online that they could support by giving financially, or by giving needed items to. They could even just support a local charity by providing them with needed items. Whatever, they choose to do, I would remind everyone that helping others and giving to those in need is not a one time thing. To really make a difference and an impact, we must continue to give all year around whenever we are able.

If you want to help Cassie out check out her web page: My Charity Water

One Meal, One Day

Last week students from all over the nation gave up eating out for one meal, and donated the money they would have spent on that mean, to One Meal, One Day.  A couple of high school students began this movement within their youth group and school.  They saw a need and found a way to help.  Since then, they have been encouraging students around the country to do the same.

A youth group of 85 middle and high school students in Wichita collected over $900 last Wednesday.  In Des Moines, Iowa, Lutheran Church of Hope’s middle school ministry collected just over $1100.

These girls have an even larger vision for OMOD.  Skipping one meal and donating that money one time is just the beginning.

“The OMOD movement is much bigger than a single act of sacrifice. It’s about empowering students to lead the church by raising awareness and funds to feed the hungry. And it’s about spiritual transformation—helping students to become more like Jesus as they discover his heart of compassion for the poor and commit themselves to be his hands and feet in service.”

Claire and Katie from Landon Cox on Vimeo.

How can you help raise the awareness of hunger in your community?  Are you currently a part of something?

Be the Now challenge: Give up one meal a week for an entire year, and donate the money you would have spent on those meals to One Meal, One Day so that someone without food will be able to eat.


More than likely you’ve heard of the floods that have happened in the greater Nashville, TN area. And, no doubt, there are a lot of stories of people and organizations that are helping anywhere and everywhere- this is one such story.


Goals for Wells

Are you ready to *kick* people’s need for water in the you-know-what?

Check out Goals for Wells.

According to my good friend, and Goals for Wells founder Boone Beausoleil (bow-so-lay):

Goals for Wells was an idea that I had one day during church when I was getting bored and thinking about playing soccer (sorry Paul). It then hit me that soccer is something that I am doing all the time, but I don’t do anything with it that glorifies God at all. I sat there trying to think of how I could use soccer to help other people and the idea of a bowl-a-thon came to mind.


Traditionally, Goodwill has been the best place in town to grab a sweater for your friend’s “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party,” or the first place one might go if they need to find a totally “Boss” polyester suit for…well, a bunch of stuff! But Goodwill does more than house random things!

In 2009, Goodwill helped 1.9 million people train for careers in industries such as banking, IT and health care, to name a few — and get the supporting services they needed to be successful, such as English language training, additional education, or access to transportation and child care.
Every day, someone gets a good job, with help from Goodwill.

More than 155,000 people obtained meaningful employment in 2009 through their participation in Goodwill programs. These people went on to earn $2.5 billion in salaries and wages, and contributed to their communities as productive, tax-paying citizens.

Goodwills meet the diverse needs of people, including youth, seniors, veterans, immigrants, and people with disabilities, criminal backgrounds and other specialized needs.

Kickin’ it old school just gave someone a job… radical!

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters is the oldest, largest and most effective youth mentoring organization in the United States. We have been the leader in one-to-one youth service for more than a century, developing positive relationships that have a direct and lasting impact on the lives of young people. Big Brothers Big Sisters mentors children, ages 6 through 18, in communities across the country – including yours.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Mission is to help children reach their potential through professionally supported, one-to-one relationships with mentors that have a measurable impact on youth.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Vision is successful mentoring relationships for all children who need and want them, contributing to brighter futures, better schools, and stronger communities for all.

Our Mentoring Programs Work
National research has shown that positive relationships between youth and their Big Brothers and Big Sisters mentors have a direct and measurable impact on children’s lives. By participating in our youth mentoring programs, Little Brothers and Sisters are:

–More confident in their schoolwork performance
–Able to get along better with their families
–46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs
–27% less likely to begin using alcohol
–52% less likely to skip school.

Volunteer Here!
Donate Here!

Volunteers of America

One night in a shelter can provide comfort and security, but one night won’t end a man’s homelessness. Solving the problem that makes him homeless will. At Volunteers of America we help people change their lives for the better. Volunteers of America is unique among humanitarian organizations in that we provide both immediate assistance and long-term solutions that benefit individuals and families.

Perhaps no other organization offers such a wide range of community-based programs and services for people of all ages. Across the nation our programs range from infant adoptions to affordable housing for the elderly. We are caregivers, problem solvers and believers in miracles. When you make a charitable gift to Volunteers of America, you help a man or women take the first step toward self-sufficiency and you also ensure that someone will be there to walk with them the extra mile.

Volunteers of America has a number of programs for individuals interested in community service. One of those programs is the national Action Team initiative, which is a partnership with the Major League Baseball Players Trust that aims to instill a love of volunteering in high school students. Young people who engage in community service are more likely to continue serving through their adult years.

We have 38 local offices across the country, many of which are partnered with hundreds of other organizations and volunteer centers. This makes volunteering easier than you think! And by making volunteering opportunities accessible for individuals, we are cultivating engaged citizens, a critical need to building strong communities.

You can give online to Volunteers of America, a local office, or one of their health facilities. You can give monthly, or quarterly. You can donate your vehicle, or even give stocks!

Master’s Commission

Master’s Commission is an intense discipleship-training program dedicated to making Disciples of Christ. There are currently 120 programs world-wide in 15 different countries. Each program is based out of a local church and comprises of students mostly between the ages of 18-25. Master’s Commission International Network (MCIN) is the accountability and glue that holds these programs together. MCIN isn’t limited to any one denomination, but works with many churches.

I’ve seen great things from Master’s Commission! I have many friends who’ve attended at least one year of the program. From what I see, they do a great job a really teaching students what it’s like to be a true disciple. They do servant projects, learn the Word, and learn how to preach it with power!

If you’re interested in being a part of a Master’s Commission for just 9 months of your life, I think it’d be a great investment. The MCIN is an organization of world-changers, and they’re in your own backyard

Children’s Cancer Connection

Children’s Cancer Connection
, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, has provided support services and programs for children with cancer and their families since 1988. The organization sponsors two week-long summer camps for children with cancer and their siblings. Approximately 300 children attend the annual camp programs designed to help them escape cancer’s effects. Children’s Cancer Connection also provides support groups, outings to events such as Disney on Ice, and weekend retreats for an additional 400 family members throughout the year.

Children’s Cancer Connection provides the only summer camp in Iowa devoted exclusively to children with cancer, and the sibling program was one of the first of its kind in the nation. Camp Heart Connection is provided at no cost to the families because of generous financial support from both individuals and organizations. Outings, weekend retreats, and hospital based programs are provided at little or no cost to participants and no one is ever turned away from an activity because of an inability to pay.

This site covers two of the three points we aim at on this site. You can support them financially online, or, if you live in or around Iowa, you can volunteer for their annual summer camp! I’ve also noticed they are on firstgiving too!

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